Seeds of Change – LiveDeen Event

Do you know why are you doing what are you doing?

Sheikh Sajid Umar flew in from UK to Karachi to highlight the importance of our VISION & MISSION setting and how to lead a paradise centric impact life? He conducted a one day seminar titled “Seeds of Change” at DHACSS SKBZ, Karachi on 7 May 2023.

Sheikh Sajid Umar is a qualified Mufti and Judge, as well as an educator, author, researcher, and developer with a vision of ignited communities that benefit humanity upon the ethos of sincerity, excellence and steadfastness.

This event was organized by non other than LIVEDEEN.

I attended this important session and did the following digital sketchnote afterwards.

Make Hijri Calendar your primary calendar

To highlight the importance of using Islamic Hijri Calendar, Humorcarbons has developed a sketchnote on Hijri Calendar. We distributed this sketchnote among the participants who visited our stall in the recently held Journey of Heart Conference 2023 being organized by Azaan Institute. The conference was held in Karachi on 13 Rajab 1444 H (5 February 2023).

To learn more about Go Hijri First initiative, please visit Productive Muslim

Here is the sketchnote