If you are looking for doodled WISDUMBS,ILLUSTRATIONS & SKETCHNOTES, welcome to Wisdumbs.com by Humorcarbons. The creations at Wisdumbs and Humorcarbons are done by Mateen Hamza. For your custom made assignments, he can be contacted at mhziii@yahoo.com

WISDUMBS is an important medium, started by Mateen to communicate a message visually in a humorous way. Often times it is difficult or less effective to tell something in words. Wisdumbs are best for such situations.

Hand drawn doodles are great for converting boring learning material into fun learning ILLUSTRATIONS & SKETCHNOTES. In this way you can enhance the learning value of your company’s knowledge by connecting and aligning them with hand drawn doodles, colors, typography and structure etc. The doodles result in higher impact learning, retention and in problem solving.

Recent research shows that visual note-taking or sketchnoting, is one of the most effective ways to learn, remember and organize any information which you gather from presentations, videos or printed material. Sketchnotes are also effective in communicating complex ideas to your audience in a easy manner.

Some examples of his work is as follows: